22 April, 2010

lots of excitement this week!

So much going on this week! I'm proud to announce that V and i are the new "parents" to a little baby kitty!!!
We're having trouble telling if it's a girl or a boy, but if it's a (very rare, orange) female, her name will be Noodles. If it's a boy, his name will be Bilbo. (S)he is so insanely cute and has been with us just a few short days. Monday marked the first day of our life with a new kitten. V found a post online (randomly) about someone in Fermoy giving up 3 kittens, first come, first serve. He rushed home on his lunch break and took me over to this place where we picked out this little guy (or gal).
The day we got the kitten, we took him/her around to the landlords and they just love him/her! I stuffed him in my hood of my sweatshirt and (s)he fell asleep right away. The landlords' kids ran to get their camera and actually even took photos saying that the kitten was "the cutest thing i've ever seen!"
(S)he has SUCH an enormous personality and just loves to hang out with me during the day. Here is a photo of him/her supervising my activities whilst perched upon my shoulder (where (s)he climbed up my shirt to get to):
Kitten cries whenever (s)he needs something (ie. hungry or has to find the litter QUICK!) and so far today has had no problems going to the litter box to potty. I've been keeping a watchful eye over his/her roamings and have been quick to mop up little messes almost as quick as (s)he made them, which is good. I'm hoping (s)he'll start using the litter all the time soon.
Today, (s)he discovered the floor window in our bedroom (you can really see how thick our walls are here!), and had some fun basking in the sun. SUCH a cutie!
The landlords' kids come to visit the kitten often for which i'm glad that (s)he is getting the extra attention. I want him/her to be used to people.

in other news, our garden is coming along nicely. We are taking the "slow and steady" approach to gardening, lol! When we have time/energy, we go out and work on it. We have three beds so far, two with dirt, and one has been planted.
(above photo) here you can see the three beds. We're taking on a "square foot" approach this year, except for the far bed which is just rows of onions and garlic... (that thing you see behind the bed is its cover, since we still get frosty nights.
Our garlic has begun to peek up from the soil! I'm so excited about growing garlic this year! I've never had a garden of my very own so this is quite an adventure. It's eye-opening to learn how much work goes into a garden.

These are our yellow onions. We will have quite the crop if they all pop up! lots of onion soup for us! win!
And these little fellas are chives that survived the winter from V's garden last year! They've come a long way and are greening up nicely :-D
Here you can see the little flowers getting ready to bloom on our Gooseberry bush! Never had a gooseberry before... kinda looking forward to it!
and we must not forget the apple trees! These belong to the estate, but they're right next to our garden. We'll see what kind of apples come off these this summer... the trees look old as dirt and are all bent over to the ground! But still pretty :)
Happy Spring!!!


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