12 April, 2010

hundreds day!

 V and i have been married for 100 days as of yesterday! We were married on 01/01/10! Lots of ones and zeros... too bad it doesn't translate into anything exciting in binary. Believe me, i know these things.
Oh! Is my nerd showing? Let me cover that right back up... lol
When i was a kiddo at Taku Elementary in Anchorage, Alaska - we used to have "Hundreds Day" with the kids in 4th grade or lower to celebrate the 100th day of the school year. It was a fun celebration including learning games, paper hats, glitter and paste, construction paper, and all sorts of gaiety. The school used to serve us ice cream with our lunches and somewhere floating around some news station is a video of me and my friends eating our ice cream with the local news caster. It was an exciting day to look forward to! 

Our first 100 days have been exciting! We are completely happy and in love still. This has been the best 100 days of my life.

Speaking of "best days"... it has been sunny and in the 60s(F) for the past 4 days, including today, here in lovely County Cork. B-E-A-U-tiful!!! I've spent the past couple days out soaking up the rays (carefully with my fair skin) and basking in the warmth. I spent a good while sitting in our garden happily planting seeds and getting a little dirty. I could feel the sun in my hair and smell it on my skin when i came in that night... it has been a perfect few days. I love to hear all the birds chirping and the cows mooing and the horses neighing in neighboring farms. *sigh* lovely. Simply lovely.
What did i ever do to deserve such a good life?


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