19 April, 2010

Weekend Recap

Ahh! i can't believe it's been so long between posts! I keep meaning to come and update, but forget... or get distracted... sorry. lol

Here is our weekend recap.
We went into Cork City to go to the Quay Co-Op to see what they had as far as healthy foods go. Cork is pretty strange to navigate unless you know your way (in my opinion), so we had no idea where to park that was close-ish to our destination. We still ended up walking quite a ways in the end, but it was such a lovely evening that neither of us minded. Here is our walking journey:

one of Cork's streets as we were driving around looking for a place to park

yes, i know tagging is illegal, but... look how beautifully done it is! This wall is very long, and this photo begins in the middle of it... it blows my mind what people can do with spray paint.
This is the Beamish brewery from the back. SO MANY BREWERIES in Ireland... there were i think three that we passed (including this one) as we entered and exited Cork alone.
St. Finbarre's Cathedral... AMAZING!! it blows my mind to see buildings and churches that are still in use that were built literally AGES ago. This particular gem was built around the 7th century.
This has to be my favorite photo from this walk. I love this garage. No, i've never actually been there or had my car serviced there, but i LOVE this door/sign. I feel like i've seen it before... the hand-painted, down home feel to it is excellent! Not to mention, as a photographer/artist, i love the light on it... hehehe
i really enjoyed the way this scene looks. I couldn't resist snapping a photo as we passed.
And here, ladies and gentlemen is the Quay Co-Op! Operating hours 10-8pm. Arrival time 8:02pm. DANG IT!!! they were totally closed when we got there, but we were able to creepily stare into their windows as they were closing up to admire all their shelves of goodness. We will definitely have to get back here soon to have a real look around.
With some time to spare before our parking garage closed for the night (at 8:30pm, yikes!) we decided to walk the long way back to the car. I'm so glad we did.
Another photo of St. Finbarr's Cathedral. It's so interesting to see the mash up of eras in this photo reflected in the architecture...
If you're from America or know American stereotypes, you'll probably know why this is funny. Hehe!
Another cool hand-painted sign. I'm loving the graphic design of this ;-) I think more people need to take a page out of these people's books and hand paint their signs! This is so great!!

On Sunday, we had the best day ever. It was completely sunny and warm... i broke out my capris... it was great.
Last week, i had planned on attending a church that i found online in a first attempt to find a church that V and i both enjoy. We printed out a map and set off on our journey into Cork to find this church. LOL Ireland streets... are so interesting. I must say that i'm glad that i'm the passenger because i would definitely have trouble with navigation. It took us about half an hour of driving around (once we got to Cork) to actually find the church, which was in a school's auditorium. It. Was. JAM. PACKED! That's good! Anonymity is good (to us) when we go to a new church.
The service started, and ohh... yay! We all stood and sang songs and it was all around a feel-good experience. I love singing with a group. This particular group sang LOUD! haha! it was so awesome! there were about 100-125 people in this auditorium and it was at least as loud as our 700 people congregations at the Vineyard in Cincinnati that i'm used to attending. Songs in english and irish were sung and a good time was had.
All in all the church was super disorganized (for an organized church) and the sermon wasn't terribly enjoyable, i found the guest speaker to be slightly pretentious... but i wouldn't mind going back and trying it out again. Maybe not this week, but sooner or later.
After church, we decided to go to Kinsale and walk around. I had packed a picnic and we were really looking forward to a day together.
Check out these gas prices!
in case you can't read it (you can click on it to make it bigger, and use your "back" button on the browser to come back to the blog), it says €131.9 ... no, that's not one hundred thirty-one Euro and ninety cents... lol it's basically €1.32 per liter.
Now don't go thinkin' that's cheapsies. It takes 4.55 liters to make a gallon. This is estimated to be about $8 per gallon. That's right. EIGHT US DOLLARS!!
I dont want to hear you complaining about the price of petrol over there ;-) you and your $2.25 per gallon fuel... humph!
Here is a poorly composed shot of our entrance to Kinsale. I love all the little square and colorful buildings!
Another poorly composed, hand-out-the-window shot of Kinsale, lol!
We parked the car and enjoyed a picnic before we decided to walk from where we were to visit James' Fort, about a mile and a half away.
This (above) is part of the path we took. I'm so glad i wore my Vibram FiveFingers Classics on this day! it was so nice to feel grass underfoot!
A lovely view of Kinsale as we hiked up to the ruins...
James' Fort! It has been restored over the years, mostly to keep tourists and curious visitors out (especially vandals), but through the keyhole in the door, you can see inside a little, and you can walk around the entire perimeter, which is pretty cool.
Tourists... lol


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