23 March, 2010

This is me:


Tonight i got out my dress pattern and looked through it. I showed it to my in-laws and they think it's pretty great too (i knew there was a reason i love this family!). So as far as i can tell, the dress pattern was either not used at all, or used once as a larger size than the pattern calls for because all the pieces are cut about an inch on the outside of the lines. This makes me happy.

I also learned recently (when V bought his suit and fabric for his vest in November) that Poland is a great place to buy good quality fabric for cheapsies. Actually, it's something i'm really looking forward to when i go in July, buying fabric.
Tonight when we were talking to V's parents, i looked at the back of the pattern and read the bottom corner where it reads "Suggested Fabrics"
Linen, Cottons, Gingham, Lightweight Wool, Polished Cotton and Faille. 
I'll admit; i didn't have a clue what Faille was until i googled it. It's a dressier option, and i suspect it's a medium weight fabric which would definitely call for an underskirt... the problem? Faille is literally ten times more expensive per yard than Gingham at $50+ vs $5 per yard.
i'll stick with the lightweight cotton family. V loves the idea of gingham and so do i, frankly... but on the other hand i do want a wedding dress. Even if it might be colored. 
V's mom is already on the hunt for some blue and yellow gingham for me (which if it turns out that i'd like something else instead, wouldn't be too much of an issue, as these will still be super cute for nice summery dresses anyhow)... 
Maybe i need to sleep on it.

What are your thoughts on V's suit? 

You can't tell, but his vest here is green. The vest he'll wear in July with this suit is a brighter, gold  satiny version of the torn paper at the beginning of this post. His suit is a lovely chocolate brown with pin stripes. 
This suit + summer wedding = good or weird? 


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