23 March, 2010

This is me. Honestly.

*deep breath*

I am 25 years old.
In 4 months and 17 days, i will be 26. I never thought i would turn 18.
I cried when i turned 18 because i thought i was old. Wow. I bought a pair of cute jeans to wear on my 18th birthday as an incentive to lose weight. I didn't lose the weight, but i wore them anyway and wore a sweatshirt to cover my "muffin top".
Realizing that i've had a struggle with my weight and self image for at least 7 years kinda makes me want to throw up... but not the bulimic route. Been there, done that.
Today i set a real goal. Recently i resolved to diet and exercise but didn't set goals. I realized today that goals are important. I wrote down a goal. Today i set a workout routine.
I can't believe i'm actually working out! It's hard work to get this big ole body movin' but once i'm doing it, and i'm all warmed up... I can't believe how great it feels.
Let me share something with you. Getting up from sitting on the floor, going up stairs, standing, sitting, walking... all feels like i'm carrying a backpack full of sand. Once i get moving, i've got the momentum and it gets easier, but it's the BEGINNING that is the hardest part... which is why i am blogging this for the world to see.
Now i'm accountable.
To someone else other than myself.
It feels good.
And strange.
I feel like i'm at an AA meeting... except for food. Overeaters Anonymous. Now there's a group for me.

"Hi. My name is Shannon and i have an intense love of chocolate, sweets, and overeating. I don't drink enough water or exercise often. I like to sit in front of my computer for hours and prefer to exercise my brain rather than my body."
"Hiiii Shannnnon."

Enough is enough. Today i measured my body and was surprised at how interestingly difficult it was to be honest about those numbers with myself. WOW! I kept having to remind myself that i'm not trying to impress anyone and that nobody is looking. LOL! It's a pretty bad reflection on your own self image when you can't be honest with yourself, right? Yes.

Therefore, i'm taking it to the next level. Watch this

Dear Internet,
I measured my body today and found these things to be true:
  1. My chest is 43"
  2. My waist is 36.5"
  3. My hips are 48.5"
 My dress pattern calls for the following measurements:
  1. Chest 40"
  2. Waist 32"
  3. Hip 42"
I don't view this to be an unreachable short term goal, and so i am officially beginning to work towards a healthier, slimmer Me. My long term goal is to lose 40 lbs by the end of July (and ultimately, before my 26th birthday in mid/late August). If i reach my short term goal before i reach my long term one, i will make a new short term goal.
If that makes any sense. lol

Wish me luck!

There! i did it. *exhale* I set goals.
NOW! Off to do things less sedentary. 


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