10 March, 2010

I'll get to you later, Blogger...

Oh my poor blog. I've been neglecting you. I hope you forgive me. My packages and shipment finally arrived from America yesterday!!! I spent the entire day unpacking and trying to put everything in its place so my husband wouldn't go into shock when he saw the place. Despite my best efforts, i did not succeed in getting everything put away.
But that was a lot of stuff.
i have much to go.
Tonight, V and i are attending a birthday party in Lismore and it is my responsibility to do the following:
  • make a cake
  • make a card
  • make bread (because we ran out. it's not a birthday gift, lol!)
  • finish the laundry (and keep the place warm with the stove so it dries)

all of this before 5pm... it doesn't seem like a lot- in fact, my mother the rockstar could have done it- but i get distracted easily.
SO here's hoping i dont get distracted too much today! Wish me luck!
i promise to have a nice blog post with many photos for you in the very near future :)


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