15 March, 2010

DIY Decorative Paper Lampshade: A Tutorial

This tutorial is for one of these:
A Lampshade made from paper. I made this one from regular printer paper, but it would be fun to make a few out of card stock, vellum, or even just different colored papers! I assume the printer paper works well with only the small size, as there might be too much weight to support with a larger one.
Have fun with it! Once you see how to make the regular "ball", you can make other things too! Here are some examples from IQ light (click on "variations").

First, Cut out thirty of these (you can print the bigger pattern and cut out thirty of these for a big-ish one*, or you can print out the second one on A4 paper, and make a smaller one) *for a larger one, i suggest using more sturdy paper.

Note how there is a high side and a low side to this. It DOES matter... especially in the beginning, when you're making your "rosette". Follow along with this video, and you'll get a good idea of how to start.

When i watched this video, i had a little trouble about halfway through, when the lamp is turned as a bowl. Since you're watching it from the top, you can't see how it's being put together very well. 
This diagram from iqlight.com was a real life saver.

First row is the rosette. Second row makes it into a "bowl". Third row alternates vertical and horizontal pieces. For the third row, i found it easiest to insert the vertical ones first, and the horizontal ones after instead of all in a row like they show in the video. Fourth row is actually where i stopped, because my light is a fixture, not a hanging lamp. I needed an opening large enough to fit around the socket. I personally took two pieces of florists wire and bent them into a circular shape to support the paper shade and attach it to the outside of (the plastic part) my light socket. Basically, it stays on because of the pressure of the wire on the outside of the socket.
DO NOT STICK THE WIRE INTO THE SOCKET. I am not responsible for you or your expenses if you electrocute yourself. Be CAREFUL. Be SMART. You should be fine. Just had to throw that out there. LOL!
the Fifth row closes the ball.

Have fun with this! At some stage, i will attempt making another for the bare bulb up in my bedroom, but for now, i leave you with this photo. Cheers!


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