07 March, 2010

motivation, motivation, wherefore art thou motivation?

Actually a common misconception is that "wherefore" means "where"... no. It does not.
Wherefore actually means "why".
But in my posting title, i meant it as "where" (even though it's wrong).

But back to the topic. "Where are you, motivation?"
Seriously. WHERE?!

Today i got on my hands and knees and "mopped" our entire wood floor (downstairs) with a kitchen sponge and dried it with a towel. Then i re-mopped it with a mop. Why? Not because i wanted to, let me assure you. It was because my bare feet looked like i had stepped in coal dust... which is more or less what actually happened. You see, with the fireplace spitting out little bits of wood coal now and then and with the mess that occurred when we hastily swept ash from the fireplace pad during installation... not to mention the insane amount of dust that is created by a fireplace in the first place, it's a wonder we could see the boards of our wooden floor at all.

Ok it wasn't that bad, but it definitely blackened my feet. It was last night when i was walking around leaving clean footprints that was the inspiration. haha!
Today all i wanted to do was sit, despite the fact that we got a lot done. I haven't really felt like doing much of anything recently... just hang out at home. Inside. I'm going to attribute that to the lack of heat we've had recently. The inside has oft been as cold as if not colder than the outside and we've had a rough time of it. Now we have heat inside, and i am fully expecting a return of motivation. Hopefully sooner than later.

Today we had to get up early (weekend early... which is 9:45am... we like to stay up late when nobody has to get up for work in the morning) to go into Fermoy to the Garda station and talk to Immigration about my "visiting" status. I recently filled out an EU1 form sending off my passport (imagine how much that freaked me out! i still havent gotten it back yet), my marriage cert, my husband's National Identification card, and proof of our residence together. We're slightly concerned because my "visiting" status expires on March 15th and we're worried that i'll have to go back to the states.
Ok, so it's not so much of a worry as you'd think. We'd just send me off to another country for a day and come back with a new stamp... but that costs money we don't exactly have.
Anyhow- we went to talk to the Garda Immigration Officer and he said "oh, it's ok if it expires while you're waiting for the paperwork to come back."
WHAT!? REALLY?!? lol! it's OK if i'm in the country illegally, just as long as someone knows i'm waiting for a form to come in the mail allowing you (Garda man) to stamp my passport as a temporary resident? HA! Sweet! Strange, but kinda awesome, i guess...
It has me wondering... what would have happened had i not sent in an EU1 form and my passport expired, and i got into some sort of trouble? Would i just lie and say i had sent it in? Is that how it works here?

I must say that this isn't the first thing i've noticed that is completely laid back in Ireland. It's so weird to me.

We also went to a local "car boot sale". Basically, it's a giant field with 100+ cars selling their crap. It's a giant garage sale! It is a flea market of sorts. It is AMAZING! I got an awesome cookbook with new and exciting recipes that i'm dying to try. V got an entire paperback series written by Terry Pratchett (one of which is co-authored by Neil Gaiman, one of my favies) that he's especially excited about because many of them he hasn't read in English. Only in Polish.
How cool would it be to read a favorite book in multiple languages? I would love that. Maybe someday i will.
But there was everything and nothing at this sale. Food, baked goods, antiques, tools, cars, parts, toys, books, games, wood, clothes, shoes, jewelry... pretty much anything you can imagine. I can't wait to go back, maybe next time with more than a couple euro to spend!


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