06 March, 2010

Project Wedding Dress: the pattern

Through much thought and reflection on what my mother has taught me in dressmaking over the years (together, my mother and i have made several dresses... at least 3-4 a year from the time i was about 7 until i moved out of the house), i have complete confidence that i can make my own wedding dress.
I've discussed it with my husband, and he's completely on board with the idea. I have a wonderfully supportive husband :)
Today, i looked through some old photos of dresses in the 1950s era, and have ultimately decided that although i could probably make my own pattern, it would be more fun and probably a better idea to use a sewing pattern. I looked online at Butterick and Simplicity patterns online, and although i found a couple patterns i could piece together into an idea of what i wanted, i felt like i would still be settling. i wasn't in love with any of their patterns this time. blah! I started looking through Vogue patterns and an idea came to mind: what about an authentic vintage pattern?
After a good while of somewhat fruitless searching (due to price, no shipping to Europe, etc...) i came across this website and this dress pattern:
isn't this perfect? my favie is the bottom right, sans sash. I am considering off-white satin with lace over the top and *possibly* just lace for the sleeves... i'll have to do some imagining of my own. The thought of a colored sash and matching 2" hem (turquoise? pink? deep blue? thoughts?) has come to mind if i decide against lace altogether. That might be fun for some cute colored shoes and matching flowers too!
This will be a fun project! i'm so excited! i ordered the pattern, so hopefully it will come in the next week or two! i know the pattern isn't exactly my size, but fortunately, pattern alterations are something my amazing seamstress mother taught me (how to make one bigger or smaller, etc)
I'll definitely need a petticoat/ hoop for under the skirt to make it "fluff out" a little, but i think i saved my skirt from the wedding in January. It wont be an issue at all to shorten it and reduce the hoop a little. If not, it might be fun to consider actual petticoat skirts (also homemade) out of cotton and tulle.
i'm so giddy! i can't even wait to get started!


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