22 March, 2010

Project Wedding Dress: the fabric

First, let me catch us up on photos from my previous post:

Aftermath of the main course at our Fondue shindig
-photo by V, crop by me

Our friend Sławek or "Chudy" ("Skinny", in English)
-photo by V, edit by me

Paweł and Karina
-photo by V, edit/crop by me

Our sourdough starter, overflowing in all its yumminess. This was Day One, before i transferred it to a plastic bowl


I am excited to announce that we are officially going to Poland! YAY! V booked our tickets today! We will be there for 10 wonderful days where i will be completely immersed in family, language, and a whole other culture!
Also, we're having another little wedding ceremony for ourselves and V's family in Poland. I am making my own dress for the occasion and have about a million and a half ideas.

At first, i had considered an Organza, or Taffeta in off white, or even a Cotton-y type fabric, but now after consideration, the "re-wedding" will be in the summer... so why not make it a color? White weddings from what i have understood have always been symbolic of innocence and sexual purity. 
Well, let's be honest. Innocence is a relative term, and we all know that i'm currently married... why stand on old traditions?
The thing is, if i chose white (or off white) it's because i want to wear it - not because i believe in the traditions that are created by people. I'll never forget talking to a friend of mine once (when i was single) about ideas for a "someday wedding". I suggested that i would like to be married in the fall and wear an off-white/cream colored dress. In my head, i was thinking that off-white/cream would be nice with the change of colors... on the other hand, she burst out "THANK YOU!" and told me more or less how i shouldn't be married in white because i'm not pure (this from the same friend who told me "you know i can't support your decision" when i excitedly told her of my engagement to V).
Rude! I mean, i agreed with her to placate her but it sincerely hurt my feelings. It is somehow burned into my mind exactly where we were, what the weather was, and how it felt to bottle up how i really felt. "Pure" is something that is a matter of how you were raised. My view of "pure" growing up was instilled by my religion- that a woman would be "pure" before marriage by remaining a virgin, and doing nothing more than hugging,  kissing, and holding hands with her soon to be husband. By no means would he see her naked, and heavy petting was right out the window. With those standards, even my friend shouldn't have worn white on her wedding day.
But... like i said- it's a matter of opinion.
I've digressed again, haven't I? hmmm....

Back to the subject matter... fabric.
I loved the idea of having an off white dress with a brightly colored sash and hem, but now, i'm leaning towards a colorful dress anyway! 

Yellow Gingham! how awesome would this be with possibly a solid yellow band around the waist (depending on how pudgy i look in the dress) and some sort of cute hem? I've even thought about a scalloped white cotton hem around the bottom and the sleeves... I've just realized that my blog is also a gingham motif... i swear i do not have a fetish lol! i don't own a single gingham thing!
You can see my dress pattern here. 

I briefly considered lavender gingham, but decided against it when i remembered that V's suit is brown with a yellow/gold waistcoat, and yellow would be a better match. As for hair - red hair wont clash with yellow, will it? Does that even matter?

Hmm... what do you think of the whole "white vs. color" thing? 


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