14 September, 2010

day twenty-seven: my dream house

But seriously, it would have too many visitors, crying children, and a very noisy yard. Although it *is* quite pretty, don't you think? Just not practical.

My real dream home (for someday when i have children, a stable and well-paying job, and have settled somewhere) would look something like this, i think:

Maybe a bit less extravagant. I love light, i love fireplaces, i would love to have a patio to entertain on... a yard for the kids, a place for the cat to play outdoors, and a place to garden in. Perhaps even a greenhouse.
I love to throw parties. My hope is that someday when we're settled, that we'll have made some friends - moved close to our friends we already have, and of course had children who will play together - and i'll be able to have lots of game nights and bonfires and fun get-togethers for everyone to participate in. My mom was that way, and i think that's where i get it.
But as much as i love to host a party, i also love my space. I would like to be somewhere out of the way, with no immediate neighbors within a stone's throw - but close enough to a city that i dont have to drive an hour to get groceries. I want to live on a mountain, and still be able to visit the ocean.
Sound like too much to ask? Not to me! Alaska is the place to be.


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