05 September, 2010

Day Eighteen: A photo of somewhere i've been to.

Hmm. I've been many places...
This is Pismo Beach, near San Luis Obispo, California.
I went there to visit a friend of mine, Phil, introduced by a mutual friend, Sara, in December of '08. He was generous enough to give me his bed (he slept on the guest bed), share his food, and drive me around to show me the sights around where he lived, including an avocado orchard. It was amazing! The weather was fantastically warm and wonderful... it was my first ever vacation without an agenda. Strictly relaxation. I had a great time, and was sad to have to go home to wintry Cincinnati.
What made me think about this photo was actually, my friend Sara - i've been thinking about her a lot today and since she likes warm places (she has been on many cruises... 15, i think! lol) i thought i'd choose something she was connected to (even if it is remotely). She'll understand, and that's what matters :)


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