28 September, 2010

So my 30 Day Blog Challenge was both a success and a fail. Success because i ALMOST finished something that i started, and fail because i didn't! hahaha

Oh well. Life happens. Actually i got to the last couple days - and all the way up to a week after i had passed the deadline, i was convinced that i could still go back and do it.
But! I am not like that. I should have known myself better. If it gets past a certain point, there's just no drive anymore. Sorry, Internet.

I did, however, complete other things. Currently in my Etsy.com shop are some pretty felt brooches that i have hand-made. It's actually pretty hard to put a price on your art. For me, i know the time that went into each piece and the thought and the love that went with them too... so i think they might be worth more than what someone would pay for them. But! that's part of selling things, isn't it? Especially when it comes to creative things. You have to be willing to start at the bottom.

Ground level.

Speaking of ground level, that is where i'm blogging from. I *should* be on a flight to JFK right now, but i am not. I am sitting in my cottage with a roaring fire in front of my feet. "Why?", you ask.
Well i won't go into detail right now - because it has to do with standby tickets and unless you're familiar with the process it won't make sense... but i will say that it has to do with standby tickets and full airplanes.
I'm beginning to wonder if i'll be able to get to WA or OH at all this week (or next!).
Needless to say, i'm a bit discouraged.



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