02 September, 2010

Day Fifteen: Something I crave a lot.

Yes. It is true. I love avocados. I make pretty much the best guacamole i have ever eaten (i even made up the recipe...), and a friend of mine helped develop another recipe for guacamole that we lovingly call "G2". They are both a closely guarded secret though, so i will not be sharing them online. Sorry.

I can't remember when my love for guacamole started - but it was definitely when i was little. Perhaps i don't remember it because i've been eating it all my life... My mother used to smash up some avocados with a little bit of salsa and voila! My first ever guacamole recipe! haha
I pretty much love everything to do with them. They're good for thyroid levels, can lower cholesterol, and boost your immune system. It's good for pregnant ladies (folic acid). It's good as baby food (because it's filling and full of carbohydrates), but beware! It's rich in fiber so with avocados come poop. haha
There are tons of benefits to eating avocados! I wish i could eat one a day... i even used to have avocado chapstick.

There are lots of things having to do with avocados that i want to partake in. If anyone wonders what to get me for Christmas - here you go.

Who wouldn't want to serve their guacamole in this?! It even has a lid!!! Amazing! I've seen these bowls before in a store in Ohio, but never picked one up. I suppose i was just hoping for the best :)

I found this necklace on etsy.com! I'm sad that it's been sold, but look how amazingly cute and detailed it is! It even has the gradient from dark to light green! 

This hat is from zazzle.com - and i must say it's pretty damn cute. I don't wear hats much - but if i did i would probably buy this. It's that awesome.
Wait. how did that get in there? Never buy this for me... okay maybe for Halloween. Found here.


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