04 September, 2010

Day Seventeen: A photo of something that means a lot to me.

So i realize that this is a photo of my entire room - rather than something specifically that means a lot to me... but oh well. This photo is supposed to show my quilt.
My grandmother made this for me over the course of time... she hand-sewed her love right into it, and sent it to me just in time for my 22nd birthday. It especially means a lot because my sweet mother helped pick out the colors and (i think) the pattern, so she is a part of it too - ironic because this post falls on the 4 year anniversary of her passing. I love tracing the squares on it when i'm having a bad day or when i miss my family. It makes me feel a little closer to them.
It keeps me warm on cold nights and comforted when i'm sick. If there were a fire, this would be one of the items i would save.


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