08 September, 2010

Day Twenty-One: 5 of my biggest pet peeves.

*edit* i got a ton of flack for this particular post, so i ask you to please take this with a grain of salt. I don't need your opinions of why this shouldn't be a pet peeve. I am a pretty reasonable person and can usually look at something from both sides - that doesn't mean it won't still annoy me.
pet peeve
n. Informal
Something about which one frequently complains; a particular and often continual annoyance.
1915–20, Americanism
 In no particular order:

one: People whistling. Not the short, sharp, whistle to get someone's attention - the jerk who whistles in the car, at the desk near yours, in the grocery store. Idle, random, whistling (especially if it's some goshawful "tune") really puts me on edge - and often, can even contribute to a mood swing. If i can't get away from it fast enough (or at all! ahh!!), i honestly feel like i could punch something.

two: Strollers and the pushers of said strollers. Yes. You. Jerk. First, if your kid is old enough to walk, why are you pushing him/her in a stroller? Second, why the hell are you pushing the most mammoth stroller on the market around a crowded public event? Rudeness! Imagine how crowded it is, then think about your stroller. Most likely, you inadvertently run over other peoples' feet and into peoples' achilles tendon (thanks, by the way). You use your stroller as a battering ram to get through the crowd, and as an excuse for being rude. You take up too much room on the trolley, you block doors and other places that i want to see or get into. You look ridiculous trying to get the damn thing up the stairs (take your baby out, you lazy moron). You crowd elevators. And the umbrella strollers? I must admit, i would much prefer you push your tot on that (SO much smaller and less annoying) - but keep your kid in check! Don't let your stupid little kid kick me while you're waiting in line behind me - or equally as bad, rest his/her feet on my bag. I know you can see it happening. The stroller is not a wall for you to hide behind to avoid awkward social interactions. I'll go ahead and add into this pet peeve, the parents who let their noisy, screaming, children run-a-muck inside a store or at any socially unacceptable place. They're usually the same people with the gigantic stroller for the smaller child anyway.

three: litterbugs. Now really, there's just no excuse for throwing your trash around. You're a lazy ass and don't want to be responsible for the garbage you just created. You are a consumer. You are a disgrace to society. 

four:  Bad Table Manners. It's one thing if you're joking around with some close friends. It's another thing altogether if you grab at food the moment it's placed in front of you without any regard to other eaters (and possibly, the person who made it for you), burp loudly, chew with your mouth open, and slurp your soup. I grew up in a home where we didn't dish up or eat until either we were invited to or everyone had sat down together and we had prayed. I don't usually pray over my meals anymore but i insist on waiting until everyone is seated and is ready. At a restaurant, i won't eat until everyone has received their food. I hate it when people pick up their plate to reduce the distance between their face and the food, or alternately when they prop themselves up on their elbow with their face 6 inches above their plate. Noisy eaters and vulgar speech at the table fall under this category too.

five: sleeping in a bed without sheets, or trying to sleep when the sheets and blankets are no longer tucked into the end of the bed. For some reason this really gets to me. I hate feeling the blanket over my feet and the sheet over my legs when i am trying to go to sleep. I actually have to get up and pretty much re-make the bed. I imagine that this pet peeve will lead to me making the bed every morning, eventually. haha

and without explaining, here are some more:
- tapping
- obnoxious pen-clicking
- people who don't say please and thank-you
- signs, books, posters, ads with mis-spellings
- bad parking
- people who give their kids weird names
- people who mis-use their/they're/there and your/you're
- backseat drivers
- door-dingers
- the "yes but" people
- no paper towels/ toilet paper in a public restroom
- public restrooms
- loud whisperers
- people who smack their gum
- tailgaters
- other peoples' dumb and super friendly, drooly, smelly, dogs.
- dogs that jump up (when they're not supposed to)
- yappy dogs that don't shut up
- freezer burn
- mumblers
- bathroom stalls with a mirror so you can see your whole self while seated 
- bad umbrella etiquette
- overuse of the word "like"
- telemarketers
- people that always talk about their illness, "disease", or chronic state of unwell, especially if they are obviously making it sound worse than it is.
- one-uppers
- the word "anal" as used for "anal retentive"

wow. that list makes me sound like a generally annoyed person! but i'm not. i promise. lol


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