06 September, 2010

Day Nineteen: A picture of me last year and now and how have I changed since then?

Well i'll be honest with you. I'm going to bend the "rules" a little and not post a photo of last year - but this is my most recent photo (taken with my webcam when i was too lazy to find a camera).
I try not to dwell on the past too much but when i think about how i've changed since last year, all i can remember are the wounds i sustained while getting through life from August to December. All i can think of is the pain associated with what was supposed to be a joyous time in life - preparing for my wedding.
The long and the short of it though, is that i AM different. Better, i think. How? In lots of ways. I think i become a new person about every 6 months, to be honest. With that in mind, i've changed TWICE since then... haha!
Without wanting to go into too much detail, i can say that i'm happier. That's all i need. :)


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