23 May, 2010


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Ahh... glorious sunshine. We have had quite the sunny spell here. Temps in the low to mid 20's C! It's sooo grand! This weekend though, was mostly spent indoors, unfortunately (and fortunately - i burn so quickly it's almost not worth it to go out and enjoy the sun). I kept all the windows open and the nice breezes were really enjoyable. What's nice about living in a stone cottage, is that downstairs is ALWAYS nice and cool. If i get too hot working upstairs, i will just head downstairs for a bit, until i get cold. haha!

V and i spent part of yesterday at a park in Castlelyons. It was such a beautiful day and this park should be renamed to "Shannon Park", i think, because it was PERFECT for someone like me. Tons of lush, beautiful trees that shade the cool grass that sits next to a lovely sounding creek. It was a great way to spend a few hours reading a book and knitting.

Speaking of knitting!! i taught myself how recently!!! On Friday evening (or maybe it was Thursday?) i just decided "it's Time!" and picked up a pair of mom's old needles and some yarn. I opened up a book and worked away. Look!
I'm pretty stoked. To be completely honest, i am only learning to knit for ONE single reason... i fell in love with a sweater and i MUST HAVE IT!!! Problem being - it's expensive to buy already made and there's a knitting pattern! So i figure that if i learn all summer, i should be able to make it for myself by fall. Not to mention, i can (hopefully) alter it a little to be "the perfect sweater" for me! ie- make it longer. I hate when my crack shows, and i never can seem to find the perfect shirt-trouser combination. Either i have an insanely high crack (we're talking - between my shoulders) or i just buy weird clothes. I'd like to think it's neither and that's just the way fashion has gone... but nobody needs to see my butt cleavage. Crack kills, you know. At any rate, i really do buy regular jeans and avoid low-riders at all costs and i buy shirts that are long (i'm SO happy that came into fashion)... to no avail. Inevitably the aforementioned happens, and people are blinded.
Now that i've finished talking about my butt...

Also, i've been working on a friend's site - sort of a re-model type thing. I convinced her that blogs are the way to go, and i set one up for her. I have been spending the last week figuring out how to organize it and how to make my ideas come to life - and i spend a good chunk of the weekend getting it set up. Once it's finished, i might share the link here :)

Tonight, after the sun went a little lower in the sky (and i felt safe enough not to sizzle), i went out to have a look at our "garden". V and i have honestly felt a little under-excited about our gardening this year. At first, we were completely stoked about it but once we got most of the way through it, even though we had done a ton of work - we became disenchanted. It became completely overwhelming to even think about going out to the garden because it seemed the harder we worked, the more futile our efforts were against the MASSIVE amounts of nettles out there. It's seriously like a jungle.
BUT this evening i wanted to see the strawberry plants' progress so i donned the wellies and grabbed my thick rubber gardening gloves and braved the jungle. Once i carefully made my way out there (even the neighbor's dog wouldn't follow me, if that is a testament to the nettles), i saw that our strawberry plants are just THRIVING!! they're so beautiful. I'm so excited to harvest some of those beauts. As for the rest of the garden... yikes. I could barely see the boxes we built (we only planted in one)... but something magical happened inside me and i was suddenly inspired to do a bit of gardening. I weeded the planted box and tromped down all the weeds around it. I pulled out the nettles that were growing too close to the boxes and were un-trompable. I think i saved the peas... In all this sunny weather - i forgot that rain is also important! haha! I watered and pulled, and weeded... it looks so much different. I just need to keep at it.
Once i got back to the house, i ripped up the weeds and brambles that were overgrowing the apparent herb patch in front of our place. I just decided - hey! i'm sweaty. Might as well continue! I pulled up the mint that is about to go wild and everything else. I think there was a rose in there once, but it was too far gone. Almost wild. Out it came. Even though i hate to - i sprayed Round Up all over the garden area out there, so in a couple weeks i'll try to plant something nice there. We have a couple rose bushes that need to go in the ground and a few other things that will look nice (and taste nice) once they're planted. I hope and pray that this sort of motivation sticks with me for at least another couple of days. There's so much work to do. Maybe if the weather stays nice, V will help me get the garden to a state in which something will grow!
Off to make some homemade pizza with my sweetheart before snuggling in to watch something (or read something) together for the evening.

How was your weekend?


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