30 May, 2010


I watched my first ever Eurovision contest last night. Apparently it's a contest, where each country in Europe sends forth their best artist to represent the country, and they all perform together. Then each country's audience (watching it live from home) get's to text or call in their votes. In the end, they're all tallied and one country comes out on top! The next year, the winner's country gets to host the contest in their capitol.
It was fun to watch! V and i actually were able to stream it live on the internet, which was great, since we don't have TV reception.

Germany was the winner this year. I must say that the song is catchy (to me), but the singer is SO AWKWARD! hahaha! It's a cute awkward though. Have a look:

The song that stick in my head though, was Greece's "Opa!".  For your own sanity though - just forward the video to 1:28 and save yourself a bunch of videography relating to nothing more than random close ups of the performers' body parts.

I can't help myself. The song is so upbeat... even if the dancing is a bit... well... reminiscent of Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC.

Belgium had a great song. The message is great:

Poppy, but i know that it will probably catch on.

Azerbaijan's Safura definitely was chanelling Beyoncé in her music video. They were voted in the top 5, i think... It surprised me because the first half of the voting left them way behind. But as they say, "It ain't over 'till it's over."

And of course, I must tell you the worst. UK! AHH! Nothing against the UK but yikes. This has to be the most boring song ever... and what are your little dancers doing there, buddy? Makes me think of Grease. I'd love to share the video with you here, but alas. I am not finding it on YouTube - but if you want to waste some minutes in your life, by all means - look it up.

But enough with my critique...
I really enjoyed Eurovision overall, and look forward to watching it more in the future!


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