26 May, 2010

Wash Wednesday

Today's Wash Wednesday photo was inspired by GardenMama's photo challenge.

Washing clothes here has been a completely new experience. In the states, i would just throw my wash into a machine, dryer, fold (sometimes)...

Once, while living in Ohio, the dryer broke in the community laundry room. "OH NO!" i cried! I had to bring my laundry into my apartment and drape it over chairs, on hangers, over bed rails, and anywhere else i could imagine. Laundry was literally strewn amongst my apartment like my laundry basket had exploded. It took almost an entire 24 hours to dry all my laundry that way.
When i was a kid though, we (my mom and i) would go visit my brother in Idaho. In their house, they saved electricity (and kept from heating the already HOT house) by hanging laundry in the summers. I would literally spend hours out laying under the swaying clothes listening to my discman (Usually Charlotte Church's album Enchantment) on repeat and watching the clouds while singing along.

Electricity is expensive in Ireland. We don't use the dryer unless there's some "clothing emergency" and we HAVE to have something dry within the next 30 minutes... So far, that hasn't happened - and i dont foresee any "clothing emergencies" in the future.
During the winter, we hung clothes on lines strung between two weighted down chairs in front of the fire. Since we've been here for a while though, we discovered a hook from which we can hang laundry on a line indoors when it rains... but it hasn't rained in a week!
I have enjoyed hanging our clothes outside on nice days this summer. It takes me back to summers spent with my family in Northern Idaho. Good memories are food for the soul. Today i am full.


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