30 May, 2010

thrifty homemaking: Apron!

Check out my new apron! All the edges are rounded (please ignore the fact that my left pocket is lower than the right... i asked my husband about it and he said one was higher, so i lowered the other... and accidentally took it TOO low. Oh well. I made the pattern myself. Thrifty win #1.

I've not been able to find a fabric shop in town that sells cottons - only sturdy upholstery fabrics (which might suit a need later...) so i've been purchasing duvet covers from the local charity shops. The great thing about these duvet covers is that they're all one length of fabric just folded in half and serged up the sides, hemmed and buttoned (or snapped) at the top. So not only do i get about a TON of fabric for €2, but i get about 10+ buttons too. So someday if i ever need buttons... i'm set. Cheap fabric = Thrifty win #2.

The green line around the waist and pockets is thrifted from a vintage pillow case that V brought from Poland. Free fabric = Thrifty win #3.

V's mom saw my apron over skype today and asked me to make her one (only, about 4 inches shorter since she's only 5'2"). I have an orange and yellow color combo (both duvet covers from the charity shops!) that she likes and i think for hers i'll stick to square edges... Round was fun, but i kept worrying about making the edges perfect! And for what?! in the photos above, they look wonky so... oh well. I love my apron nonetheless, and haven't taken it off since i completed it this afternoon :)

Now i'm thinking about possibly drawing out a pattern, writing up directions (with photos!) and possibly selling it in my etsy shop (which currently has ONE item in it... haha). We'll see about the pattern though. I have never written one before... and i hate interfacing - so i never use it, but apparently people think it's the most important think in the world! Maybe it is. I just haven't seen "the light" yet.


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