18 May, 2010


just a little bit of Shannon's world for the day:

Outside my window: The neighbors are working. Digging, building, using the backhoe - making the property a beautiful place.

I am thinking: Man! I wish i had a weed-whacker to knock down some of the nettles that are overtaking my garden space!

I am thankful for: My sweet, sweet husband who caters to my (sometimes frivolous) wants and needs with a smile and a soft countenance and tries his very best (successfully) to make me happy. I am truly blessed.

What I'm learning: Still trying my best to learn Polish. I'm getting better at spinning wool, and now and then i pick up the knitting needles when i'm tired of crochet. I'm re-learning some embroidery, and of course, learning to be a more patient wife/woman. I'm learning that yes, my husband really does like me exactly for me (including the flaws) and that most of the time, less really is more.

In the kitchen: Leftover spinach and courgette risotto, leftover aubergine cannelloni  lasagna wraps, and a pile of dirty dishes that i really should be tackling right about now. Looking forward to our savoy cabbage wraps on Thursday!

I am wearing: Same ole same - jeans, t-shirt, and my black North Face jacket. Bare feet with flip-flops... i am cold, and i know that socks would help, but i just prefer to be barefoot. I must say - it's times like this when it's only 52F (11C) outside (ahh! in MAY!!!) that i miss the warmer climate of Ohio.

I am creating: Another crocheted rag rug for the front door out of a mix of colours... Purples, yellows. possibly some green and blue in there. It might not be pretty, but it will serve it's purpose :) Although, I HAVE been considering making a braided rug instead of a crocheted one... hmmmm?

I am reading: A Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy and The Host by Stephenie Meyer. One upstairs for bedtime reading, and one downstairs for other times :)

I am hoping: For answers! A friend asked me to pray for him and I keep thinking I get an answer but as always, I'm a skeptic and blame stuff like dreams on circumstance. I try to keep an open mind, but i've never claimed to be a revelator. Also, hoping that the little financial rough patch we're going through ends soon and that my residency paperwork and everything that goes with that get completed in my favor soon!

I am hearing: "Nothin' but the rain..." 
Okay that was a bit nerdy but if you got the reference, you're a nerd too and i'm not alone ;-)
But seriously... i hear the neighbors dog, the backhoe, the sounds of baby kitty as he sleeps on my shoulder... so cute!

Around the house: I need to vacuum upstairs and of course, dusting is a never ending battle to which i never seem to get ahead in. I would like to start "putting the house to bed" at night and get up a little earlier, but right now i seem to find myself in a funk that i can't escape the grips of.

One of my favorite things: Crafts. I love a good craft. Spinning has become my most recent love, but i have been enjoying making use of old jars for candles and other odd crafts lately. 

Some plans for the rest of the week: Research braided rugs as i think i might get a bigger rug out of less material than a crocheted one (as much as i love my already crocheted rag rug) and start that project, get a gift for my dad for a combination Birthday (yesterday) and Father's Day gift - and get it sent ASAP, finish laundry (which is another never ending battle), and possibly try to get my upstairs desk in order.

That about covers it. What about you?



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