12 May, 2010

A little outing...

My neighbors called me asking if i would let their dog out to run about while they were gone this afternoon. When i go outside, if there's not a lot of noise (ie- the logging that happened yesterday or the myriad other sounds that come from a home being renovated...), i stuff my kitten into my jacket, zip it up, and take him for a little walk with me. Sort of like one would carry a baby with a sling - but my jacket is used instead.
Dual purpose! keeps both of us warm! yay!

So i let the dog out and went to sit on the neighbors trampoline while waiting for Jessie (the dog) do do her business. Too bad Jessie was more interested in other things...
like me:
and posing for photos:

But then! Jessie discovered that there was something interesting on the trampoline!

upon closer inspection... "maybe we could be friends?"
Maybe not...
But our kitty, Bilbo, enjoyed the time outside while the dog was busy sniffing other things...
And even went for a walk on the grass by himself until he saw the dog coming!!!
here's a video of the fun! You'll have to forgive my camera skills... they are lax. (if the video doesn't work, you can see it here instead)



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