08 August, 2011

No Place Like Home...

Ahh... home.

I must admit that though Sweden was fun and relaxing and enjoyable, after three weeks - I was ready for home. The last week of our holiday, V had to go home to return to work, but I stayed behind to hang out with his parents for that additional time. It was really wonderful to get to know them, despite our language barrier (they only speak Polish). I learned a lot of Polish in my time in Sweden... which of course, sounds weird.

Coming home it always the most exhausting part for me. For one thing, I sincerely do dislike the act of travelling. Sure, I like to be in and visit new places. I love seeing fresh scenery. I very much loathe the "getting there" part.
With one exception - the train I took in Southern California was quite wonderful.
For one thing, I get motion sick in a car, on a plane, and mostly anywhere. Nothing really helps, unless I want to feel dopey and slow for the entire journey.
I prefer not to sleep on airplanes. I do not know why this is - but it may be in part due to the worry that I'll wake up drooling on a stranger's shoulder.
At any rate, travel really drains me. The anxiety of getting to my correct place at the correct time - or not - seriously sapps my energy and by the time I get home, I feel sick, drained, and just... you know what? I don't like it. There. Moving on.

BUT I'm home now and ready to get back to business. I have tons of photos to edit for clients as well as from our trip, plus the obligatory laundry, house chores, and meals to fix. If that wasn't enough, I got some kind of infection in my lungs, and our cat got sick too while we were away (and lost a crap ton of weight, but don't worry! He's on the road to recovery with medications and lots of love) - so there's always that.
Despite everything that may not sound great, I'm really glad to be home. I love the fresh, cool Irish breezes that kiss my skin and whisper in my ears, and welcome the rain with open arms (and open mouth... aahhhhhh!).

Not to mention the love of my life is here... <3
Yes, friends, there really is no place like home.


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