30 August, 2011

Ten Things I Love Tuesday #11

Today is Tuesday, and that means it's time for another 10TILT!!

Welcome to this, the eleventh edition of 10TILT - a selection of things I've found around the web (and possibly elsewhere) that I really, well, love!

1. These floor cushions. Oh yes. 
I love them. V recently asked me to make him a "gaming cushion" since he prefers to sit on the floor while he plays the Xbox360 (for hours) and his bum gets sore. I told him I would and have been on the hunt for the perfect inspiration. Looks like I found it, here!

2. This fox coat!!
My future child will not go without me making this (or something like this) for them someday. I absolutely adore this coat. Found here.

3. This amazing afghan...
Not only is there a free pattern here (you'll have to make a free account to get it), but it's CROCHETED... meaning I could make this. Woot!

4. How adorable is this little mermaid???
mermaid Lolly Dolly
It was a custom order, but this artist makes tons of equally cute things at her etsy shop, here. Definitely be sure to check it out! 

5. This cute idea:
I think it would be just darling for a little invitation. Adorable! Found here.

6. This shirt. 

it reads "I SHOOT BRIDES - have you found your wedding photographer yet?" LOVE. IT.
I might buy one here.

7. This. 
 Not because I'm "the fairest of them all" but because sometimes it's just good to have a confidence boost. I think everyone needs it from time to time. Found here.

8. This cute squirrel art.
Because why not? Found here.

9. This hair
I've been feeling restless with my long hair for quite some time now. It seems the more it grows, the more frustrated I get with it. I used to love having long hair, and I'm sure that I'll lament it's departure after I cut it, but... I just feel like I need a change. This is usually the length it gets before I cut it - so it's pretty much time. I really want to just chop it all off and make it super, duper short, but my friend and hairdresser perhaps wisely suggests that I cut it slowly.

10. These earrings are excellent. I want them.
Recently, in my desire for change, I decided I miss dangly earrings - so I have begun the process of letting my stretched earlobes grow back together. Skin is a wonderful thing.
Anyway - what better way to celebrate a change (in earlobe hole size) than a new pair of earrings, right? Though these ones are sadly gone, the artist has plenty more cute things to choose from, here!


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