31 August, 2011

An Open Letter to all Shoe Companies

Dear Shoe Companies,
 As you may already know, there are women out in the world who have larger than average feet. You'd probably be surprised at how many of us there are. Also, for your effort put into finding and making available quality shoes for women with size US11/UK9 feet, I am certain that your profits will increase. 
We're talking comfortable, stylish shoes... and not made out of cardboard and plastic either. Real, quality shoes. 
 Additionally, not all women with large feet are super tall. Take me for example - a 5'6" woman. I would like to wear a pair of cute heels now and then, however, I find myself pining for the beautiful shoes I see in shop windows, shoe departments in retail stores, and over the internet. So desperate am I to find lovely shoes that fit my feet, I occasionally squeeze my feet into the largest size you usually have available, which is a US10/UK8. 

 I am not a woman who enjoys wearing men's shoes (all the time), however, I have been known to wear them - simply for the fact that I need shoes to get around in every day. I currently own at least 3 pairs of men's shoes... not because that is my preference but because comfort is more important than preference sometimes, for when there is little to no choice.

Please, please, please make more of your larger sizes available. Also, keep in mind what's in fashion, and think about your large shoe choices. Women with large feet are the same as women with small feet! We think the same shoes are cute, and would appreciate it if there were more cute things in large sizes. 
This goes for you too, running shoe providers.

Thank you.

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