18 August, 2011


Do you ever have those days where you just don't know exactly what to write or say? This is one.

- Today I got about half of our dinners for this week and next week prepared and stored so that they just need to be finished up or thawed out. This way I don't have to worry about vegetables going bad and whatnot. Go me!

- The cat's wound is healing nicely. I took his "cone of shame" off one morning and he immediately licked at the spot, opening it up again... Friday marks week three of his living in the cone and believe me, it's getting old for all of us. I just hope he heals up sooner than later. For all our sake.

- Our boiler crapped out on us last week. It's starting to get a little cold now that it's creeping up on the end of summer. There were a couple nights where we wanted to turn the heat on but couldn't... socks and sweaters instead! It's fixed now, and as it turns out - it might be something else (like the thermostat) that's broken as well. The good thing is, we have heat if we want it.

- The carnations my husband gave me when I came home from Sweden are still blooming and gorgeous. Carnations are so hardy. I love them.

- Our friend came home from Poland last night, and I'll be glad to see him. I love our Polish (and not Polish) friends. They are so wonderful, and so, so good to us.

- My birthday is on Saturday.

- I really, really dislike my Android phone. Every day it pisses me off, and I miss my iPhone. I shouldn't complain though. At least I have a phone.

- I am finally finished editing all the wedding photos and engagement shoot we took before our holidays. Hooray!

- I love macaroni salad. I made some today and I can't wait until it's cold so I can munch on it.

- Our lawn needs to be mowed again... already. It's only been a week! I can't believe how fast grass grows.

- I have been listening to audiobooks as I work on editing photos lately. I love audiobooks.

- My mom has been on my thoughts a lot lately. It's been almost 5 years since she passed away and I miss her today just as much as I did 5 years ago. I wonder if it will ever stop hurting. There's so much I wish I could say and ask and talk about. Mothers are very special.

- My dad sent me such a sweet birthday card in the post. I absolutely love it! He's so thoughtful sometimes.

- Lately, I've been itching for a craft to do. I have been longing to take up my needles and attempt to knit again... I honestly don't know why I haven't. Maybe because I feel bad for the crocheting project that's waiting for some hooking time... Why can't my crochet be the project I take up?

- Random blog is random.


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