25 August, 2011

The Wapitm Bag

There are times, I think, when we all need to run to the store to pick up one or two things, or more or less go somewhere casual and quick. These are the times, at least for me, when I would rather not haul around my purse. 
Enter the Wapitm Bag, you know... When A Purse Is Too Much. Cheesy? Maybe. 

I must admit, I'm quite proud. 
Using some scraps of fabric, fusible interfacing and cotton webbing tape, a couple snaps and an old keyring, I fashioned the perfect solution for when a purse is too much. 

It is just big enough for a few cards and/or some cash - even a tube of lip balm... just right for what I need.
Best of all, it fits right on my keys for easy access.

 ... not that I don't already have enough on my keyring...

Would you like a tutorial on this little bag? I'll be posting one soon, so watch this space!


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