14 November, 2011

Monday Randomness

I have a few things to blog about, but as I was thinking about it - it's just a bunch of little things not worthy (in my opinion) of an entire blog post to themselves... so I present to you, a random babbling post.

- I love/hate waiting for things to come in the post. I ordered a few things recently from Amazon for an upcoming soapmaking adventure. Not all my bits and bobs were shipped together, so I'm stuck waiting for a bunch of different packages to come at varying times.

- I am listening to Yo-yo Ma's most recent collaborative album entitled The Goat Rodeo Sessions. As you may have guessed, it's instrumental and along the same lines as a previous collaboration entitled Appalachian Waltz and I'm loving it.

- I drop my new iPhone far more than I care to admit. I am seriously considering investing in a military grade case for it... after all, we do have tile floors, and I'm sure that this phone will only be able to take so much.

- Apps are my new favorite thing.

- I missed an appointment I had today by about half an hour. I didn't know what hours they were open - so it wasn't really an "appointment" per se - but the place I needed to go to is only open for three hours ONCE a week. Blah.

- Other than my missed appointment, I feel like I've really gotten a lot done today! I did all the dishes (there were a lot because we had a guest over for dinner) and some laundry, plus I went and ran some errands in town.

- I got a new outfit for my husband in the second hand shop! A brand new Polo shirt and a very nice pair of jeans for less than five bucks. I win.

- I failed at dinner last night. I wanted to make my own recipe of potato patties - but completely spaced out about the potatoes and boiled them into oblivion. Instead of just scrapping it, I thought I could save them - and it ended up just being a gloppy, gooey mess.

- Our tile floors are surprisingly freaking cold. All the time. I always have to wear slippers and/or socks around the house. Brr!!

- Under the hardwood floors (upstairs) there are often little warm spots where I imagine an invisible cat has just been sleeping. At first I suspected that our real-life cat had been laying in these places, but he obviously can't be more than one place at one time and there are usually about 5 spots at a time.

- I love having a yard. I can't wait until we're someplace more settled and I can do some of the fun things I see all the time on Pinterest.

- The leftover Chinese Takeout in the fridge (after my dinner failure) is calling my name. Time for lunch!


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