14 November, 2011

Not Lucky but Winning Anyway

I'll be honest with you here - I am not a lucky person.

Blame it on all the years of walking under ladders, opening umbrellas indoors, breaking mirrors, and being a magnet for black cats. My best childhood friend's dog Pixie ate my blue rabbit's foot when we were kids. Then there was the gigantic amount of salt I recently spilled in the kitchen when I dropped a glass jar full of it onto the tile floor.

Often, I find myself absently rocking our rocking chair while standing next to it and I stopped avoiding cracks in the sidewalk when I was a teenager. My shoes are usually left upside down and I don't mind leaving my hat on my bed. I shake hands over door frames and through open doors, I rarely wear new clothes on Easter, I cut my nails on Fridays (and GASP! Sundays), I see single crows often, and I've been known to walk past a discarded penny... the list goes on and on.
As I'm writing this, I'm chuckling to myself because I never realized how many superstitions I know of let alone followed at some point in my life!

Nonetheless, I still enter contests and giveaways online, and cross my fingers hoping for the best.

You may remember a recent blog post I wrote as a contest entry to win a BlackRapid camera strap from BlackRapid and Zenfolio... well guess what!

I WON!!!

I just got it in the post this morning, and have pretty much been wearing it ever since. I'm wearing it now. Sitting.

After I chose the strap I wanted, I fretted a little about my decision to choose the RS-5. Now that I have it and have played around with it though... I'm glad I chose it. Whenever we shoot weddings, I inevitably wear clothes that have no pockets. It's ridiculous. I never remember about it either until I go to put a lens cap in my pocket and realize what a dummy I am. This strap has storage for my business cards, extra CF cards, a pocket for my phone, a little pocket that I can put other stuff in - all with silent closures (magnets and zippers) so that I can quickly grab something I need during a sound-sensitive environment without bothering anyone. No more being a weirdo and handing out business cards from the shoulder of my bra strap.

Thank you, BlackRapid and Zenfolio! I am in love!

As if that wasn't enough, Strawesome held a little fan contest on their Facebook page this week for a cute straw with the letter "A" on it.

We had to comment telling them a friend's name who starts with "A" and why we think they deserve to win.
I entered my best friend, Ashley's name. She likes straws, but is always on the lookout for ways to be more environmentally conscious. With her cupboard full of plastic straws in mind, I hoped she would win... and she did! Hooray!

Hopefully this means my streak of unluckiness is broken!


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