09 November, 2011

Back on Track!

I have a confession to make. I fell off the wagon. 

But only for two weeks, and! I didn't gain any weight back. Even though I wasn't watching my calories and exercising, I managed not to overeat and put back on those 6 pounds I had lost. I'm quite proud of that. 

As of yesterday though, I am back on the weight-loss track and more focused than ever thanks to three things. My husband, my dad, and MyFitnessPal.
My husband has been trying to lose weight along with me. He doesn't have nearly as much to lose as I do, but he's in it to support me. We've set up little goals along the way with a larger goal to reach by Christmas. I intend to lose 20 pounds (9kgs) and he wants to lose 10 pounds (4.5kgs). 
He has been gently reminding me to be careful with my intake and has encouraged me to start watching my calories again so I don't fall back into old habits.
The good news is because of my weeks of watching calories before I "fell off the wagon" I knew how proper portion sizes looked like and had a much, MUCH easier time just saying "no" to extra food, snacks, and late night munching. Admittedly, I didn't say "no" to everything, but in my opinion, you shouldn't always have to. It's about knowing your limits.

My dad and I recently spoke on the phone, and he offered me a very lovely incentive to meet my main goal - which is to lose 50+ pounds by my birthday in August. After meeting that goal, I plan to re-asses and decide if I want/need to lose more.
My dad offered to pay for a two-week visit to see him in Salt Lake City, UT in August if I meet my goal! Considering how infrequently I am able to see him, and the fact that we can't afford a ticket out there at this time - I am only too glad to accept. 
On a side note - I should mention that my dad is the type of parent who will say, "Nope! Sorry!" if I don't meet my goal, so it's not like he'll just fly me out regardless. It's definitely something to work towards. I really appreciate his encouragement and support!

And lastly, MyFitnessPal. When I first started counting my calories, I was using CalorieCount.about.com. I really like that I can copy/paste a recipe into their system and find the calories per serving... but their application didn't work great on my HTC Wildfire (worst. phone. ever.) and the interface online was a little... well... not my cup of tea. I've been going back and forth about switching and remembered I had signed up online for MyFitnessPal a while ago. At first glance, I was overwhelmed by all the possibilities and ended up not using it.
A few days ago though, I decided to give it another try and I must say that things are much better this time around. Their app works great on the iPhone, and they have a lot better selection of European foods (Tesco brands, Lidl brands... you know... stuff I actually eat). I'm very happy with MyFitnessPal.

With all these things and with a new breath of motivation in my lungs, I'm gonna kick this fat to the curb!


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