16 November, 2011

100 Buzz!

I was thinking about my blog last night, and came to the conclusion that without you, my readers, I wouldn't be all that motivated to write as often. Sure, I go through dry spells - we all do - but on a whole, you keep me going! Thank you for that! I really appreciate all the comments I get and input from readers... some of whom I know, and many I do not! I love you guys!

I know that several of you follow my blog here via Google Reader or Bloglovin - but man! My Facebook page is lonely... so I have a little "game" to play. I will BUZZ my hair off if we reach 100 fans on my Facebook page before the end of November.


Now for a little back story for all my family friends and my DAD before you have a heart attack.
Some of you may know that my mom passed away about 5 years ago from Lymphoma cancer. My dad and I had a theory that some of that cancer was caused in the early days of hair dye which can be linked to cancer... but we'll never know for sure.

I had a very big realization recently of all the crazy chemicals that go into our daily used products. All the preservatives that go into our food. There are carcinogens in some of ours and our childrens' shampoo (1)!

I lost my mother just when we were developing our friendship for the first time since I was a child (we fought like cats and dogs when I was a teenager), she started to go downhill, and eventually, I (we) lost her. I am certain that the death of a loved one affects everyone in different (and for some, maybe the same) ways - but for me, it is the most devastating, heartbreaking thing. It was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I am affected on a daily basis - and if I let myself think too much about it, I would cry all. the. time.
Yes. I love my mother.

Anyways - as a preemptive strike against cancer, and maybe in hopes to save my future children from this type of heartache, I have started to transition many of the things we use on a daily basis to more natural things. For instance, I have started using a homemade deodorant (that really, actually works and that I will be writing more about later this week) to avoid aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly, and have started the process for making our own soaps and hair products. Every little bit helps. Some of these products that I'm trying to avoid have no conclusive research done - but for me, it's a "just in case" thing. Besides, there's research that shows that toxins occur in our blood streams from parabens in cosmetics (2) and that is scary.

Because chemicals are in seemingly EVERYTHING - I have made the decision to let my hair grow out to be its natural color. No more dyeing! After I've been playing with it, dyeing it, and otherwise chemically manipulating it, my hair has become fried and rather than just let it grow out and have an unsightly color difference for months and months before it's long enough to cut - I'll just buzz it!
I won't do it (buzz my hair) without your support so please help! Read on!

In addition to buzzing my hair and starting over with my natural color, I'll also donate €1 for every new fan I receive from now until November 30, 2011 on my Facebook page to a charity supporting Lymphoma/Cancer research no matter whether we make the goal or not* (this is a surprisingly difficult decision to make, which is why I haven't selected a specific charity yet).

So head on over to Facebook and spread the word!

Also, if you have any suggestions of charities, please let me know!

*with a cap of €100 - hey, I'm not rich!


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