04 November, 2011

Great is His Faithfulness - Freebie Friday

Hello friends! Welcome to another Freebie Friday. 

This week for me has been full of blessings and wonderful things. Sure, there have been rough patches because hey! It's life! But overall, I feel like God really has had His hand on my shoulder and maybe has been paying a little extra attention to this child of His lately.
That is why I made this!

Of course, during the good times (like this week, for me) it's easy to forget - because things are going well. I made this to print out and hang somewhere every day where I'll see it and remember that He is there with me on my bad days too. Ever faithful to me in my times of need and ever faithful to you too!

To download this free printable and to see others that are available to print, visit the "Freebie Fridays" tab at the top of the page, or click here.


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