06 February, 2009

ahh... widget blogging. Truly a wonderful invention. It allows me to take my thoughts during the work day and place them in one little place. 

First, i would like to say how excited i am for Saturday! I am meeting with a friend i met through church to discuss the details of moving in together as roommates. I have no qualms about living with my best friend (with whom i currently reside) but i feel bad because i moved in just one month after they purchased their new home. Not to mention i miss my cat. I would like very much to have her here with me.

Health coverage! Ahh! i would like to have it, considering i haven't since nineteen ninety never. I looked up some rates online though, and these people will not stop calling me! AND they're pushy to boot. Sometimes i just want to yell into the phone, "Hellooo! i can't afford a doctors visit (if i had to make one), obviously finances are tight! Give me some time to think it over!". i'm sure that would not make someone's day.


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