22 January, 2014


Way back in August (and I briefly touched on that in this post), Jessica and I were texting and bemoaning the fact that we live in separate countries - despite the fact that compared to most of our friends and relatives, we are practically neighbors! ha!
Anyways, we were bummed about something and mutually sad that we couldn't hang out together more often. I think the following week, she surprised me with offering to sponsor a plane ticket to see her, as long as I took photos of her for her anniversary.
Uh. YEAH! Of course!!!

So we finally got to see each other again! Hooray! We had loads of fun together and I was adamant that we not be tourists too much around Finland. The reasoning behind this was because I had toured it in 2012 a little with V when we went to photograph her wedding and she had just spent a week crazily touring with her bestie, Sheila who was visiting from UK. Add all that to the fact that I am a bit lazy, it was sorta hot out, and most of what I wanted to see was inside Jess and Ville's house - and we stayed inside a lot... except for the day we went to Estonia.

Estonia is a lovely little country just across the Gulf of Finland, and only about a three hour ferry ride! Jess was able to finagle a couple of €4 tickets for a day trip for each of us. Meaning that the ferry would take us there, we would have 4 hours to doodle around in Tallinn, and we had to be back on the ferry before it took off and stranded us. Lots to see!

Adventure time. I took about a bajillion photos while we were racing around the city. Jessica had been there a few times by this point, so she has a great little map of where to go by the quickest routes to see the main things memorized. I narrowed it down to my favorite shots from the day and now, for your viewing pleasure will overload you in Tallinn photos! Fair warning: I only brought one lens with me on my trip to Tallinn, and I agonised about the decision before packing... I brought a wide angle lens - and therefore it may seem like I have a childlike fascination with wide-angles :-) Okay. Without further ado...

 Ready for our busy day of exploration!

 Leaving Helsinki...

 the Gulf of Finland


 It's almost the same thing - photographing souvenirs rather than buying... right?

 This was a cute little train carrying tourists on a hop on hop off tour of the city.


 I love the old guy in this photo. Also - anyone need a "decent bowl of elk soup"? I hear this place is the one to give it to you. :-)

 I am actually really interested in trying tar soap... but not for six euros.

 To make your own mulled wine spice...

 remember what I said about how I only brought the one wide angle lens? Yeah. I was less than a metre away from this bird before it hopped off.

 The orthodox church. We weren't supposed to snap photos inside, but... I did. You're welcome.

 The Irish Embassy. Aww... I miss you too, Ireland.

 Tallinn from above-ish


 This is the academy of sciences and we weren't supposed to be inside the gate (it was open for a delivery) - but we quickly snuck in for a couple snaps anyway. Sneaky sneaky!

 Little note - Cobblestones, while gorgeous, suck to walk on for long periods. Just so you know.

 This tree was just too cute. I couldn't resist.

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