10 October, 2013

Onyx the Great

I recently was given the sweetest gift - an opportunity to visit my dear friends Jessica and Ville in Finland. All I had to do in exchange was take some anniversary photos of them. We had a great time during my visit, we took a ferry to Tallinn, Estonia and we "blerched" a lot at home (per my request), but more on that in a different post.

Jess and Ville have the funniest little King Charles Cavalier dog, named Onyx.

 She is probably the most well trained dog I have ever met personally. Seriously. She does all kinds of fun little tricks for treats as well as listens when Jess and Ville tell her to do something. It's insane. I loved it! Also, she's very well loved and after we warmed up to each other, I think we became friends.

At least I hope so. She did give me kisses on the cheek - something I rarely let my own dog do in the past (I think it's sort of icky...) - so there was that.

I like dogs fine. I don't love them (well, I don't love other peoples' dogs), but I like them. It takes me a little while to warm up to someone else's animal, unless they're really social and unusually affectionate, but even then it takes some time. And it did with Onyx too...

... but after I left, I found myself missing the little booger, silly little beast that she is... I might have a little soft spot for her.

But with that face, how could you not?

Yes, Jess - you can have these pictures too ;-)

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