30 October, 2013

Compact Living

We did it! We have started living in a compact space. Shipping container? No... but I won't rule out the possibility. There's a lot that can be done with a shipping container! Look how cute:

(via Ecopods)

Our friend has gone to Brasil for half a year and we decided to rent his apartment. It's cute and small... so very small. 300 sq ft (about 30 sq mt) small. AND... it has a grand piano in it. Full size. It's amazing.
Sadly the piano is not mine, but I do get to play it while we live here. It's been a lot of fun - and quite a bit relaxing during the chaos of moving.

It's been a little hectic for us since V is working away during the weeks plus I have been working 2 hours away from our old place. It's quite a ways but it's worth it! I like my little job.
Anyways with both of us working, packing got less organized at the end. Moving was hard work and our friends offered help, but we didn't call them in as we want to save their help for moving out when our friend returns - but I digress.
We got mostly moved in over the weekend, then went back over last night after work to clean up the old place. We are officially out of there on the 31st - but yesterday was really our last day. As far as I'm concerned, someone can move in tonight.

The key to downsizing, I think, is having a storage unit. You need a place for your off-season clothes, your seasonal decor, and things you like that you're not ready to part with yet. Every few weeks, I like to go through my stuff and get rid of things I don't need anymore. It's hard sometimes, but I like to keep in mind the situation when we moved countries with only a vanload of stuff and nothing more. Part of me loved that we only had what was in our van - and part of me was sort of terrified that we had everything we owned inside the van. What if someone stole it?! Fortunately, nobody did. haha

We do not have a storage unit yet. Neither of us have had the time to go set one up, so we are living in a tiny place with ALL of our stuff in boxes and Ikea bags. We have been provided with an empty dresser and a couple empty closets - but the problem I have had this week is that all the boxes are blocking the closets so I can't put stuff away yet. We have an office chair in the hallway, which means I have to do a little sideways shimmy-shake dance to get to the kitchen. There are boxes lining a little pathway that goes from one end of the apartment to the other. My boss has leant me a daybed, so we are using that as a couch as well.

Tonight, I was finally able to put away a few bags of clothes, and rearrange some of the boxes that will eventually go to storage, and I must say it felt good to clear up some space in our place. Now, I only hope that I can get some good sleep!
I love the daybed, but each night I've slept in the new place, I have woken up several times during the night freaked out about missing my alarm going off. Silly, but it's so annoying!

I probably wont post pictures of the entire apartment on the blog as it is not truly ours, but I will certainly post a few details!

till then, adieu!

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