19 March, 2013

Happy Spring!

While I've been seeing gorgeous pictures all over the internet and blogosphere like this:

Spring Trees, Clare College
(via bearseye on flickr - click image for source)
and this:

and this:

...the snow here has been gradually melting and we've been seeing more and more brown earth poking through. The sun has been shining, the skies have been blue, it's been making us very hopeful for spring!
Having lived in the northern hemisphere before though, I know not to get my hopes up too high - as Easter usually comes and goes with there still being snow on the ground. When you're above or around latitude 60, spring hits around May. But the sunny days and the smell of the Earth was just too much not to get excited about, even if it is only March! I love winter, don't get me wrong. I just so look forward to the change of all the seasons. It's a beautiful time.

St. Patrick's day whizzed by and I thought of taking a photo for all my Irish friends to giggle at - with all the snow in the background - but got busy and didn't manage to get it done. This morning, however, I woke up to big, beautiful flakes falling all around us, making Sweden look very wintry again.

The good news is that it covered up all the dirty snow near the roads again, so that's nice. Also since the daylight lasts a bit longer now it's given me more opportunity to wear my sunglasses, which I love. I don't even know why I love my $2 sunglasses as much as I do...

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Anyone else getting snow where they live, instead of flowers? 


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