20 March, 2013


I love the ways animals find to communicate with us. After a failed attempt to teach Bilbo to use the toilet rather than the litter box, he basically said, "Screw this!" and forevermore decided he preferred to do his business outdoors anyway. Works for me! I stopped having to scoop his litter every day, and everyone was happy.
He developed a way to let me know when he's ready to go outside, and if I somehow miss his signals, he has his litter box to fall back on. 

He was sitting at the door today, giving me me his cute little tiny meows (and they are different from the mews he gives for other reasons) letting me know he needs someone to let him out - and I just couldn't resist his cuteness. I had to give him a quick cuddle before letting him out. Bilbo is adorable. I love him more than I probably should... haha

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