05 March, 2013

Terrifying Adventures Across a Frozen Inlet

It's been pretty grey around here lately, but over the weekend, the clouds parted and suddenly it was a gorgeous day. Blue skies and blindingly white snow, plus a free afternoon meant V and I could go on a little adventure. Originally, we intended to head over to the castle, but on the way there we walked by the marina - and decided to cross the inlet. But no worries! It's mostly frozen. 

Oh what's that? Water around the guard rail? Let's cross anyway!

What's that? A gigantic crack in the ice? Oh sure, let's cross anyway!

Timidly, I crept up to the ice's edge... whimpering...

...and stepped out onto the ice.

The wind was blowing and the temperature was below zero, and since I was full of good decisions that day of course you know I didn't bring a hat. So... time to don my very flattering hoodie hood. It muffled my hearing a little because I did the especially sexy thing and tied the strings to keep the wind out - and I kept shushing V, listening with all my might for the large *crack!* sound that would signal my demise.

As we crossed, somehow I gained more and more confidence!

Once I relaxed, and stopped thinking about pleasant things like hypothermia, drowning, and how fast I can run in case of that aforementioned "crack"... the scenery was really quite lovely.

 Boy, I know how to dress... so fashionable at all times. Rawr.
It's ok. I was much too preoccupied thinking about not falling through this:

Fortunately we made it back in one piece, dry, and non hypothermic. Hooray!


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