18 January, 2010


It is official. I now reside in the country of Ireland.
Although it is a dream come true- it does take some adjusting. Light switches, plug sockets, and driving on the other side of the road (and the car), are only the beginning!

V and i went shopping the other day for some essentials. I have been spoiled by the bigness and availability of everything in America. Things are small here, the selection is not as broad. For instance, i couldn't find CELERY in TWO stores that i went to! Can you believe it?! CELERY!!! I really thought that was a normal every day vegetable. I'm sure i can find it somewhere- but i'm guessing that somewhere is probably half an hour away by car. If i want a rutabaga though... and they're not rutabagas here. They're Turnips. Get it right. ;-)

Speaking of cars... and driving... wow. It is really taking some getting used to- being the passenger on the side of the car where i usually drive from. Roads are completely super-narrow and extremely curvy, and they drive FAST. All these little cars and no big trucks (not that the trucks would fit on the road anyway!), and for the first time ever, in a parking lot i was able to stand and see above all the cars with no camper shells or tall cabs blocking my view. Very strange!

Our cottage is amazing and rustic. My sweet husband did a fantastic job finding the place. I am so ecstatic about our living arrangement! It is gorgeous. Parts of the estate we live on (ie. the wall coming into the property and the TOWER... yes. i said tower) are thought to be about 500 years old. The cottage we live in is thought to be at least two to three hundred years old itself. AMAZING!
That beam i knocked my head on just now has seen at least two hundred years and they probably did it back then too. That beam is SO used to it already. 

Electricity is kinda a big deal here. I dont mean that it's new and exciting or anything- just that it's expensive. My dad was always conscious about turning off lights in rooms where we weren't, but it's on a whole new level here. We won't use the clothes dryer, but instead we'll hang things around the cottage to dry on lines. In the summer, we'll put things outside. Yay! My landlords get to see my underwear... lol
The hot water boiler doesn't stay on all the time. If you want hot water- you go upstairs and flip the switch and wait for a little while (not long. 10 minutes if you're wanting to do dishes, 30 if you want a bath/ shower) then make sure to turn it off when you're done. V has placed energy-efficient bulbs where he can, and vowed to find some for the lights that dont have them yet. haha!
We have a switch to turn the stove/oven on and off when we're using it... which is fun to remember sometimes. I put something on the stove and switched on the element- then wondered why the water wasn't even warm 10 minutes later only to realize i had forgotten to turn the whole thing ON. 
All in all, it's a lot to remember, but honestly- I really like it!

We are so happy too... i am crazy about the man i married and he is crazy about me. He makes me laugh and smile every day. He is tolerant of my silly moods and... wow. I just love him so much. I am a lucky duck!

Can't wait to post photos! We'll have "real internet" soon. I'm working from a... um... usb data wireless magical thing... that is slow. 

i'm not complaining.

slow is better than NONE!


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