17 December, 2009

about V...

Where did you meet V?
V and i met online, funnily enough. It was a few weeks after i had said "no more online dating" and match.com sent me an email stating 3 DAY FREE TRIAL!!!
After it stared at me from my inbox for a couple days, i signed back up for the free trial. On the last day of the trial, i decided to check out the men in other English-speaking countries just to look.
They were really all the same until i found V's profile. He was something special... i knew it. So i sent him an email and not too long after that, i found myself in Ireland on a mission trip with my church (that had been planned before i met V online) and we actually "met" in Dublin.

Does V have an accent?
As a matter of fact, yes. He does. He is from Poland and speaks Irish-accented English... It's like nothing i've ever heard before, and i love it!

Is he a romantic?
personally, i think he is very much so. He always greets me in the morning with a lovely text and all through the day he says very sweet things to me. His gestures and actions... everything he does tells me how much he loves me.

Would you recommend V as a life partner?
Absolutely! oh yes. He is quite wonderful. If you can find someone just like mine, definitely dont let him get away. You'll be glad in the end <3


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