27 January, 2010

the day to day...

In case you follow, wondering about the cat pee/ urine adventures...
My room smells like cat pee and vinegar now. But more the latter than the former. I think i'm going to try again on the whole thing, and maybe add some hydrogen peroxide to the mix. I just worry about bleaching the wood- as hydrogen peroxide is known to do...
So one more round of household items... then if that doesn't work, i am going to cover it. Yep. Masking the odor. HAHA if it was MY place, i would make it go away without covering it- but since it's not my place, and i didn't cause the stench- i've decided that covering it is a good work-around. Win.

We got the spare twin sized box spring out of the bedroom yesterday. The landlords decided they will either take it back or throw it away. Fine with us.. we don't use it. I recently cleaned all the mildew off the walls of the bedroom that i could see.. needless to say, when we pulled the bed away from the wall, we found more. Oh good.
The joys of dampness and stone. Fortunately, i am not allergic to said mildew (which is surprising), and neither is V. I shall be cleaning that off tonight.

Today i discovered it is warmer outside than it is inside. HA! Really?! I've been walking around wearing literally, 3 pairs of socks, two pairs of trousers, and three-four shirts plus a sweater over the top all day not knowing i could go outside and warm up a little? Hilarious. Really.
Actually, i find it endearing. It was nice to step out and smell the smells of country life. Dirt, rain, manure, and fresh wood being cut. They should make that into a perfume.
At least a house spray or a candle or something.

In other news... the shower decided to poop out again. Our landlords installed a Thermostatic Power Shower (which basically makes the water go from a drizzle to a spray- and actually gets you clean) a day or two before we arrived. We have been here almost 2 weeks and the plumber has come out 2 times to look at it. He fixes it in a jif- then leaves. It works for a few showers, two or three at most- then craps out again! Our hot water heater is not heating all the way, so we cant take much of a bath. Additionally, we still don't have heat in the house (because oil is expensive... we're getting it later this week) and taking a bath in shallow water with cold air around you in a drafty cottage is never fun. At least not for me. I dont mind 100 days in a row of rain. I dont mind 200 days on top of that of clouds and cold... I'll go through it all with not a word of complaint. But take away my hot shower in addition to it all and BLAH!
I'm not really meaning to complain. I'm thankful for the roof over my head and the food thats in my belly. I'm thankful that we have running water and enough hot water to clean ourselves, at least a little. I'm especially thankful for my husband who works hard all week and comes home to the shower not working and still smiles.

In the mean time, i suppose i'll go put on another pair of socks... ;-)


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