13 May, 2013

6 Kilometres by Bicycle

It's so nice in the evenings now, that we can't resist getting on our bikes to ride around. That's a lie. I have to be coaxed a little to actually get onto my bicycle (which, funnily enough, I adore) and ride it. Why? Because riding a bike is hard work around our house which is surrounded by big hills, and I'm out of shape! Yeah.
I know I need the exercise though so I usually end up going, knowing in the back of my mind that if I keep going, it will get easier. Part of my new year's resolutions were to take more photos and I realised I'm doing poorly at that. I made a mini-resolution to bring my camera everywhere with me over the next few weeks, and I was reminded what a heavy thing it is... but I digress...

It all boils down to the fact that we went on a little adventure around parts of Tyresö we were previously unaware of. I brought my camera and was really, really, shamefully rusty at first. Once I got the ole "mind's eye" working properly again though, it felt like slipping into an old pair of comfy shoes, and I got some shots that I'm pretty happy with.

It's nice to remember why I became interested in photography, and work on another goal in my resolutions - to lose the weight!
All in all, we cycled about 6 kilometres in a big loop, and we would have gone farther I think, had we started a bit earlier. It wasn't too hard, due in part to the fact that I was just in awe of spring all around us and kept stopping to snap, snap, snap photos.

Siiiigh. Every day I am in Sweden, I am a little more grateful for being here. I love this country's landscape.

Thanks for reading!

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