10 May, 2013

Our Swedish Space, Part 1

Honestly, I've been wanting to write this mini-series for EVER! But it seems like things were always against me until now. Winter, means I'd have to photograph things right in the middle of the day for the best light, and somehow it never happened. Now that spring is here, the days are longer and we have plants in our windows anyway, so it's much more interesting...
We are beginning the tour in the boudoir.

The room is fairly small, and with our amazing gigantic bed, we can't have nightstands - so I jerry-rigged a hanging clothes thingie for my side of the bed. It holds books, and a bowl for jewelry, among a few other things - but for the most part is pretty empty. It serves my purpose though!

This is the other side of the room. That door goes into a storage area/electrical panel space. If this was my house, I wouldn't hesitate to knock this wall down and move it about two metres back, and create some sort of closet space with panel access. There are no closets or storage space otherwise, and there is a ton of unused space in the storage area. It's honestly almost as big as our bedroom. All of our boxes that hold seasonal decorations, winter clothes, etc are back there, though and it's great to have them with us and out of sight. I've been going through all of our boxes over the last few days, de-cluttering and the clutter hasn't actually made it to the second hand shop yet so that's where it hides.

Here are some of the plants on our windowsill:

The house is kept so warm that we've actually slept with the window open or partly open most of the time we've been here. It's really warming up outside now, and it seems our landlord (who lives upstairs) has not adjusted his thermostats so we usually have the windows wide open all the time. It's wonderful!

And there you have it. The space where we spend a third of our lives.

Thanks for reading! Please stay tuned for the next installment coming soon.

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