06 December, 2012

Raaaaaspberry Beret...

As I was emptying my yarn stash into a drawer in our new place, I found the band of a hat I had started last year. I finished the band, and started on the other part, only to make a big mistake, and being too frustrated to continue after I had to ravel all my hard work - I put it away and forgot about it.

Fortunately, I still remembered which pattern I was using and was able to finish my my hat, and I have to tell you - I'm pretty pleased with the result. 

I used the "Urban Revival" pattern for a slouchy textured hat, here. Unfortunately, you have to register for the site to see the pattern, but it's free and you have the option to opt out of spam their company mailers so that almost makes up for it. 

In the pattern photo, the model's hat looks a little long for my tastes. I wanted slouchy but not necessarily that slouchy. Also, I find that I have trouble keeping a hat like this on my head very long since it falls off my head easily, so I made the band a little smaller than the pattern calls for, after measuring my noggin. I made the band only 54cm long, when the pattern calls for 56cm, figuring the tighter band might help it stay on. I was right!
Also, I made the hat part of it only about 22cm wide, so that it wouldn't be overly slouchy. The extra weight would just encourage it to fall off anyway.
I added a pom pom for a touch of whimsy, and a wooden button, and called it done! 

My husband was kind enough to humor me in taking some photos to show you. Since we were out I decided to use the opportunity to get some shots for a Christmas card this year!

And an outtake:

He is delightfully silly. I do so adore him.

A friend of mine saw my hat and has requested one in exchange for a little something she's sewing too! I'm super excited. What's on your craft table this season?


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