06 December, 2012

Snowed In

Tuesday, the forecast was for a whole foot of snow, and they weren't lying!
We woke up Wednesday morning to snow blocking all of our windows and door.

Absolutely wonderful! I'm in heaven. Winter is just so great! V had a day off today due to the fact that we may or may not still have summer tires on our vehicle and well... it's winter. We have been having a bit of a time trying to find tires affordably, but dang! They're expensive. We've bought some in Poland, and even though we have to fly over to pick them up, it still works out to be about a quarter of the price of buying them new. Eep!

Here's me by the snow drifts in our driveway. Without the pile. the snow would have come up to my knees, but for obvious reasons I wasn't about to barge into the snow... haha! Would you believe I wasn't cold at all for this pic? It was 1C - so really not too cold, as cold goes!

Mostly the day was spent putting things away from our move, online gaming and job hunting (for him), cleaning, laundry and crocheting (for me). A nice day spent together chatting and relaxing! Being snowed in isn't so bad.


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