11 August, 2012

Moving to Sweden: Day Three

Today we go from Dunkerque, France to Heemskerk, The Netherlands via Brugge, Belgium.

On our way out of Dunkerque, we had our first French baguette. Oh. My. Goodness. French baguettes are every bit as good as their stereotype implies. The French know their stuff when it comes to bread. No lie - it was the best baguette I have ever eaten. We ate the whole thing before we even got back to the van, and that was breakfast.

Have you ever seen the movie In Bruges? It has Colin Farrell, (which is reason enough to watch it in and of itself, but I digress) and Brendan Gleeson, and overall is a pretty good flick. It's set in Brugge, Belgium (duh) and is a great movie for quotes and lines. Watch it. 
So we figured since it was on the way, and it's supposed to be a nice little town - we would stop there for lunch. I'm so glad we did. Bruges is trés bon.

We saw this guy carrying his dog in a crocheted dog sling over his shoulder. It was the funniest thing! I told V he had to get a photo, but he is so sly that I didn't actually realize he was taking a photo on the sly...
 ...so I asked the guy in French if we could take his photo. He didn't speak French so I tried, English, then Polish... then sign language... finally he laughed and put the dog sling (with live dog!) over my shoulder for a photo. I was shocked so perhaps I smiled a little too big - but it was a pretty silly moment.

We made our way to the square. I can't tell you how much I adore the beauty of these old buildings. They are breathtaking!

We stopped in a little cafe so I could fill out postcards. The food was crazy expensive so we settled for hot chocolate.

HOLY COW! BEST. HOT CHOCOLATE. EVER!!! And with Spekulaas biscotti - *melt*. Perfecto.

he is so handsome... *sigh*
 And just because you can't have Brugge without the tower (and tourists and a street artist) - here you go.

After a couple hours in Bruges, (we were parked underground - kitty was safe!) we hit the road to our next destination, Heemskerk, The Netherlands.

Old and new. I love this photo.
Next up, is day four which was a little break to be tourists in The Netherlands! See you there.


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