10 August, 2012

Moving to Sweden: Day Two

Here we are again with day two of our journey to Sweden!

Land ho!

Getting off the boat was probably the best thing. Ever. Ugh. This lady was not meant to travel by sea. I wonder if I ever had to make a hugely long journey by sea, if I would just get used to it or if I would be forever sick...
The drive through France was so beautiful and we were making such good time that I didn't even bother to take photos, except for this one of what look like 30ft unicorn horns poking out of the Earth.

The landscape. OH, the LANDSCAPE! It was so, so pretty. These next three are not my photos, but it's sort of an example of what we saw along the way.

Rural France - tilt shift fake

French countryside
(image source via flickr)

past the cows and over to Mike and Lynne's..
(image source via Flickr)

We stopped along the way to get some lunch in Bayeux, but it was hot out so we only stuck around for about 45 minutes or so. We didn't want to have a baked kitty when we returned, since we had to leave him in the van. We ate at a little bistro, where I really tested my High School French. I struggled when the waiter spoke quickly, and when he saw my hesitation he switched to English. Whew! Very nice of him, indeed.

The Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Bayeux, in all it's splendor, seemed straight out of a fairytale to me. So gorgeous! It even had gargoyles. After lunch we took a quick peek inside, and it was definitely worth a look. 

V and I decided that our journey through France was much too short and that we'd have to take a vacation there in the future to really appreciate it. Fine by me! 

We returned to an unbaked kitty (he was cool down on the floor of the van with his water dish), and hit the road.
Bilbo in his carrier between us on the seat.

After a few hours, we arrived in Dunkerque, where we would be staying for the night. Once we got settled, we set out on foot from our hotel through the town to seek out some food. 

Alas, it was late on a SUNDAY and pretty much everything in France was closed except fast food, but we still enjoyed seeing some of the sights, even from the street.

Once we had our food in hand, we walked back to the quay on which our hotel stood to eat our food on a park bench. It was lovely to sit and take in the fresh air and watch the sunset.
In trying to keep up with my diet and weight loss, we didn't eat all of our fries. It was much more fun to watch the birds eat them anyways!

Day three of our journey is up next! Until then, adieu :-)


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