29 July, 2012

Leaving Ireland

Now that I'm about to disembark from the ferry, I'm rested (finally), and all of our worldly possessions are in our van three decks down, I feel like I can say "whew!".

Having moved cross country in the states a few times, and moving abroad once, not to mention more than 50 small moves throughout my life - this. This was the hardest move so far. We slimmed all our stuff to only what fit inside our Nissan Primastar, and drove away. I felt a flood of emotion fall over me as I looked at our house for the last time and it was like Ireland was bidding us a fond farewell as the sun was shining and the skies were clear blue (for the first time in weeks!). I'm sad to leave the house but most of all, I'm sad to leave our beloved friends behind. Without them, we would probably not had as much fun during our time in county Cork and furthermore, without their support we wouldn't have been able to make this move at all, I think. They rallied together and offered to help us in our time of need. Even today after we have been gone for a whole day, friends will be entering our home to finish some final cleaning and things we did not accomplish in our frantic final hours. Some absolutely wonderful, kind people live in Ireland and I will certainly miss them.

Now, we are about to unload off the ferry with our kitty and drive through to the border of France and Belgium which is where we will stay for the night. I'll try to give a better update then, depending on Internet connections and such.

Goodbye Ireland, hello world.


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